Welcome to the great world of Heritage Making!
I have learned first hand the powerful influence of story in our lives, and my desire is to help you preserve yours.

What would you do if the memories you hold dear were suddenly gone? That is the reality for thousands of people as they deal with the many natural disasters occuring today. With Heritage Makers, you can take those precious pictures and memories, and preserve them forever in a professionally published, hard bound book!

Our Quality Commitment

Strong Exterior
Our books have the strongest exteriors around. Each book has a high gloss laminated cover and a thread sewn binding for extra durability.
Quality Interior
Each book is carefully assembled right in the USA. We use only the highest quality materials including archival quality paper and linen reinforced end papers that resist page tearing.
Our Heirloom Commitment
Each of our products is backed by our Heirloom Commitment. Our Heirloom Commitment guarantees that if your book is ever damaged for any reason we will replace your book for 1/2 price!

In Memory of Lyle Jean Salmon

On April 20, 2008 my sweet mother-in-law passed away after a long battle with cancer. We were lucky that we knew it was coming so we could prepare. We spent a lot of quality time with her before she passed - time that we will forever treasure. When we knew her time was imminent, I made a book of her life story. It is a book that means a lot to each member of our family, and one that will be passed down for generations. This book is also valuable to me because of the memories it created while I was making it. I had the opportunity to speak with her many times during interviews as well as to answer quick questions along the way. If I had waited until after she was gone, then I would not have the extra memories she was able to add her story.

3 weeks after she passed away, my grandfather-in-law (her father) also passed away. This was not expected and was equally difficult. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to write his story before he passed and I will forever regret it. I can still write it now, but of course it will be incomplete.

Please don't wait until your loved ones are gone to preserve the stories of their lives. Start today. You will greatly value not only the finished product, but also the memories you make while creating that project - especially after they are gone.

If you would like to see a preview of the finished books on my mother-in-law, click the links below:

Jean Salmon's Life Story - At the end of her life story, I added letters that each person in her family wrote to her. I was so grateful that she could read these great tributes to her before she died - and she cried and cried while reading them.

Before I was your Grandma - I thought it was important for each of Jean's 18 grandchildren to have a book of their own, so I created a "Grandma Book". Jean wrote a letter to them which we put at the end of the book and she also signed each copy.

Scanning Service

Do you have boxes and boxes of precious pictures and memories that need to be scanned? I can help! I have a NEW high speed scanner that can scan up to 30 pictures per minute. We can scan them while you wait or you can drop them off at your convenience.

The cost is as follows:

0 – 99 scans $.39/scan
100 – 499 scans $.29/scan
500+ scans $.19/scan


For every 1,000 pictures scanned, you'll receive an additional 100 for free. And, I will pick them up and deliver them back to you.

Call me for more information or to schedule a time.
(702) 275-5141

Host a Party

Introducing a whole new Host Rewards system! Now hosting a Heritage Makers Celebration is more rewarding than ever!

Receive Booking Gifts, Rewards Credits, and 1/2 price items just for letting me show your friends how they too can preserve their memories.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to earn amazing paychecks of the heart at the same time as a great financial paycheck? Find out if Heritage Makers is for you! This business has changed my life (and the lives of many others) in so many ways and I encourage you to check it out. Click on the picture for more information or contact me.